Eastleigh & The European Union

Eastleigh voted 52.5% for LEAVE.

On the doorstep when campaigning I heard time and again that our current relationship with the EU needs to be addressed so I have set out below my own view clearly and directly:

I have long been a eurosceptic and I voted to leave the European Union in the referendum. As an MP I now feed in the views of my constituents to the process. I firmly believe that we can make a global UK with trade links across the world but I recognise these strong concerns felt by some of my constituents and their families. 

Under Theresa May the commitment she has made is too strong and stable leadership in the national interest.  As Prime Minister is committed to leading us through the coming months and years to see us thrive through the Brexit process and beyond.

At the June 2017 election, Eastleigh's overwhelming majority went to the Conservatives - this was a vote to strengthen our economy both locally and nationally for the future, and a sign of confidence in the Conservative party being able to get the best Brexit deal possible. 

I send out regular letter updates to a 'Brexit mailing list'; drop me an email on mims.davies.mp@parliament.uk if you would like to be added to the distribution list.