Building on Our Strong Economic Record

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, The Rt Hon Sajid Javid, has set out the Conservatives' plans for the next decade of renewal and this centres on upgrading the Nation’s infrastructure. Mid Sussex needs to secure our fair share of infrastructure improvements and if elected I would hit the ground running working with local councils fighting over development and improving the provision of local affordable housing.

Only the Conservative Party can deliver on the people’s priorities. Since 2010 our record in Government has been one of recovery from the mess we were left by the previous Labour administration. Thanks to our sound management of the economy we are now able to move forward into a new era of growth and renewal by securing a majority Conservative government.

We must ensure increases in investment for our local schools, investing in our young people is vitally important and I am looking forward to building on Sir Nicholas’ achievements, specifically supporting the soon to re-open Haywards Heath Sixth Form College. Supporting our local NHS hospitals and doctor's surgeries with further investment, not only financially but in recruitment and retention of staff, is vital. Whilst also ensuring everyone in need receives the best possible support, understanding and care. Whenever and wherever they need it in our community.