Mims Promotes Scam Awareness Month

Mims Davies MP is promoting the Citizens Advice and Trading Standards Institute’s ‘Scams Awareness Month’  which aims to help prepare people to have the confidence in identifying a scam and reporting it. This month is designed for victims to be able to share experiences and to educate you on how you can be prepared against all old and new styles of scams.

Mims said

“With so much of our lives now being shared on social media it can be easier than you think you fall victim of a scam. Just this week Kent Police issued a warning over ‘romance scams’ that operate through social media by gaining trust or sympathy in order to target vulnerable people.”

She continues, “I think it is really important to utilise this free service and educate your friends and neighbours on the professional and ever changing nature of fraudsters.”

Whether you’re an individual consumer looking to protect yourself and family from scams or an organisation trying to protect businesses, the Citizens Advice and Trading Standards websites can offer guidance on how to be aware of risks.