Planning and Protecting Green Spaces

Mims has long been a strong advocate for our green spaces against over development

I have experienced first hand the over development the Liberal Democrats bring to local areas when they get into administartion. Here in Mid Sussex we are fortunate to have a Conservative District Council which has developed a local plan to protect our green spaces and build appropriate affordable housing provision until 2031 and ensures we do not lose the rural spaces and open up our beautiful local area to development led by large companies which is not going to benefit the community. I look forward to working with Mid Sussex District Council if I am elected and ensuring our housing need is looked after whilst ensuring we receive our fair share of infrastructure improvements.

During my time working in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs I helped start work on The Agriculture Bill, Fisheries Bill and Environment Bill. These wide ranging and ambitious pieces of legislation will set the gold standard worldwide in terms of protections for rural areas and only a Conservative majority Government led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson can protect our green spaces from over development.




Eastleigh MP on Commons front bench for ‘Key’ Ancient Woodland Bill

Yesterday the Member of Parliament for Eastleigh, Mims Davies, was on the front bench as a key Private Members Bill was introduced to the Commons, and which, if successful on its journey through Parliament, would ensure better mapping of ancient woodland of all sizes across the UK.