Woodlands Meed College, Burgess Hill

As the MP for Mid Sussex, Mims Davies has taken the opportunity to meet with school Governors, local councillors and liaised extensively with parents regarding the history and current situation at Woodlands Meed College in Burgess Hill.  On Friday 10th January she met again with the Chair of Governors, Marion Wilcock and the leadership team plus WSCC Councillor Sujan Wickremaratch regarding this situation.

Mims said: “There has been a change in the leadership and cabinet at West Sussex County Council and I met with Cllr Paul Marshall, as Leader of WSCC, during the Parliamentary recess to raise the profile of the issues around the school and highlight the continuing uncertain future it faces on behalf of all those concerned.  I have previously spoken to Cllr Jupp as the cabinet member responsible for Education & Skills who explained that after the leadership change due processes were being undertaken to find out the current situation from officers at the council and reflect the local area committee feedback, the scrutiny committee feedback and learn from how this issue was continuing to escalate.” 

She continued: “I am pleased to advise that the council has confirmed that following this due process, it will be, as expected, holding a further key update meeting in late January to provide its latest outcome around this important project and vitally give clarity to all concerned.  I had a thoughtful and constructive meeting with Cllr Marshall on this issue, along with many others topics West Sussex constituents would be interested in being raised, and am extremely hopeful that a positive direction will be found soon.  As Woodlands Meed is within my constituency I am leading on this matter and will continue to work with other local MPs to ensure a strong combined voice on behalf of all of our parents, campaigners and of course the school itself. ”

Mims and all other West Sussex MPs have another wide ranging meeting at Horsham County Hall in mid-January where this and other key matters will form the agenda.  Please be assured that the WSCC new leadership and Mims, as the new MP for Mid Sussex, take this issue at Woodlands Meed, including resolving it swiftly to the best satisfaction of all, very seriously.

15th January 2020 Update: Following the issue of the Public Document Pack for the Performance and Finance Scrutiny Committee to be held on the 22nd January concern has been raised by local campaigners that this suggests that any budget that may be agreed following due process will be split across 4 years resulting in a much delayed project delivery date.  This has been raised with WSCC. 


In brief:-

In addition to email correspondence with parents and campaigners.

Met with Mrs M Wilcock, Chair of Governors and Cllr S Wickremaratch – November 2019

Met with Chair of Governors, BBC Sussex and other Parliamentary Candidates – 25th November 2019

Telephone call to Cllr N Jupp, WSCC Cabinet Member for Education & Skills – December 2019

Met with Cllr P Marshall, WSCC Leader of the Council – 3rd January 2020

Met with Chair of Governors, school representatives and Cllr Wickremaratch – 10th January 2020

Approached WSCC regarding Performance and Scrutiny Committee Public Meeting Pack inference of potential budget split - 15th January 2020

Meeting with other local MPs and WSCC - 17th January 2020