This week the Chancellor delivered his Autumn Statement which showed that the UK is the fastest-growing major economy in the world and which reported higher growth, lower unemployment, falling inflation and a falling deficit. Mims says,"The Autumn Statement shows our long-term economic plan is working and we are on course to prosperity – with higher growth, lower unemployment, low inflation, and a falling deficit." But the job isn’t done, and Britain now faces a choice. We could either squander our economic security by going back to the disastrous spending, borrowing and taxes that got us into a mess in the first place, or we can stay on the course to prosperity. We are not returning to the same failed ideas of the past – we will continue to work through our long-term economic plan that’s securing a better future for our economy, for our country and for hardworking taxpayers.


Mims Davies says "this is fantastic news and is a great opportunity for our workforce in Eastleigh and this shows that our area has some of the most impressive companies in our area". The award of £1.125 million to the Fianium Laser Factory in Hamble has been well invested. 


Mims Davies joined the Botley Conservative Branch out on the doorsteps listening to residents.Major concerns re planning, lack of bus services, local speeding and traffic congestion where all a worry for many. 


Mims Davies is delighted that the Conservatives aim is to help create a healthier local economy and for the hardworking taxpayers in Eastleigh a better future by cutting tax for hardworking peole in Eastleigh.We are creating more jobs in Eastleigh by supporting businesses and helping young people get the skills needed by employers. People in Eastleigh all know that working hard always pays as we all reap the rewards of a stronger economy.We are determined to tackle crime in Eastleigh by investing more through even better trained police officers.Securing the best healthcare in Eastleigh by ensuring that there is adequate resources for all those who use the NHS. 


Mims Davies attended Party Conference 28 Sept - 1 Oct 2014 in Birmingham as Prospective MP for Eastleigh and Southern Regional Chair for the Conservative Women's Organisation.Theme of the Conservative Party Conference was Securing A Better Future For Britain.


Hard working tax payers in Eastleigh are in for a tax reduction under the next government led by the Conservatives.The tax-free personal allowance will be increased from £10,000 to £12,500 and we will raise the 40p tax rate threshold from £41,900 to £50,000.The Conservative government will protect the NHS budget.Eastleigh residents will see their doctors surgerys staying open for longer so that everyone will be able to receive the treatment and care they need.

Mims speaks to Eastleigh News about her Campaign to win in Eastleigh

The Eastleigh Conservative candidate for the 2015 general election, Mims Davies, has kicked off her campaign with a swipe at Eastleigh’s Liberal Democrat administration, describing MP Mike Thornton as “no great shakes” and Council Leader Keith House as “incredibly complacent” accusing them of  “taking voters for granted.”In an interview Davies told Eastleigh News she thought that under the Lib Dems Eastleigh Borough Council had overextended itself in building a property portfolio and that the council could soon be forced to start selling assets, including council owned land to developers, in order to service its debts.

Mims Welcomes Transport Minister Claire Perry to Eastleigh

The Rail Minister, Claire Perry MP joined Mims Davies to highlight forcoming rail improvements coming to the Eastleigh.Ms Perry said," There will be 30% more seats available for commuters, bussiness and tourists. This will also create 140 new jobs in the rail sector. The funding is in place for impoved signalling, new trains and better tracks into waterloo and this much needed investment will come to fruition by 2019. This is great news for Eastleigh."