Eating Disorders Week

This week is Eating Disorder Awareness week, and the Member of Parliament for Mid-Sussex Mims Davies has added her support for the #DumpTheScales campaign, which has been set up by Hope Virgo, the award-winning campaigner and advocate for people with eating disorders. This campaign, alongside this awareness raising week, is aiming to raise understanding of the issue, and Hope came into Parliament on Monday to highlight this week campaign, as well as talking to ministers about the important work the campaign is doing, whilst discussing long-term action that can be taken.

The #DumpTheScales campaign is calling for improved GP training around eating disorders, a full implementation of the NICE guidelines through communications, as well as a commitment to bring in a fixed standard to ensure these measures are fully implemented. With over 1.25 million people currently living with eating disorders in the UK, it has never been more vital for us to support campaigns like this that seek to change and improve outcomes for people battling these conditions.

 Commenting, the Member of Parliament for Mid Sussex, Mims Davies said:

 “This is an important initiative, opening up the conversation and understanding around eating disorders and diagnosis. It’s vital we work on improving our understanding around the complexities of the issue. Improving the frameworks in place to help these people is key, which is why the #DumpTheScales campaign is so vital.

“Through the correct treatment, consultation and support, these changes will prevent people ever hitting the crisis point, whilst drastically saving NHS money and resources – but far more importantly, it will save lives. This, above anything else, is why both Hope and this campaign have my full support, and I look forward to working with her on this matter in the coming weeks and months on behalf of constituents who have this matter with me”

The campaign reports there are many people living with eating disorders who are unable to currently access treatment and support every day, simply because their BMI isn’t underweight enough. The Campaign focuses on the need to work to correctly implement the NICE Guidelines in the right way, providing better support for a far wider range of people who struggle on a day-by-day basis. They report this problem is potentially costing lives, as well as causing anguish and heartbreak for both people with eating disorders and their families – whilst eventually costing the NHS more once these people hit the crisis point of their condition. Mims has committed to writing to the Health Secretary to raise these deep concerns.  


Notes to Editors:

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