Environment Bill

I am proud to be supporting the Government's vital Environment Bill, which will tackle the greatest environmental challenges we face, reaffirming Britain’s place as the world’s leader in the fight against climate change.

This vital Bill has already received positive and widespread discussion in the media, covering a range of environmental issues we face, and it’s right we debate these issues fully in Westminster. As a mother, protecting our future generations means a great deal to me, as I know it does to all families. I’m wholly committed to supporting this legislation, as it is an incredibly important step in protecting our country’s environment, whilst improving our current environmental protections across the board.

As a Minister, I was on the front bench today in the House to hear some of the second reading debate on this Government’s flagship Environment Bill, whilst a future meeting with representatives of the Woodland Trust will be organised in the coming weeks. Furthermore, as Lent begins, I will once again be cutting down my purchasing of shampoo and make up products, focusing on doing my best to refill, reuse and recycle.

This legislation additionally includes the establishment of an important, independent Office for Environmental Protection, whose function will be to scrutinise future environmental policies and laws, take firm action against those who fail to uphold our world-leading environmental standards, as well as to investigate major environmental concerns.

As we leave the EU, there has never been a more crucial time to demonstrate the UK’s commitment to the environment, and lead the way through ensuring this issue is at the core of all future government policy and relative legislation. Furthermore, this will hold future governments to account to ensure they meet the country’s net zero target for 2050, set out by the previous Conservative Government in 2019, which I was proud to support and be a part of.

There has never been a more crucial time to take immediate action on a national level to revolutionise government environment policy, and this Bill is a significant step in the right direction. Whether it’s improving our air quality, transforming how we manage waste, protecting our precious water resources, or restoring and enhancing nature – this Bill dramatically changes how we protect our natural environment.