Good Jobs News and Backing Local Businesses

Mims says:

"As Employment Minister it was really pleasing to see the jobs figures released yesterday by the Office of National Statistics, increasing the number of people in work is so important to our economy and with 76% of people aged 16-64 now in work our economy is continuing to go from strength to strength. Our Job Centres and their staff do such outstanding work in helping people who need work and supporting people who have specific needs. Female employment rose again too to 71.8% which whilst below the national average is nearing a record high and I am proud to have been part of the Government which delivered this.

Local and small businesses are the backbone of our nation’s economy and as the Employment Minister in the last Government I understand the importance of supporting a robust local economy which is dynamic in its ability to meet the needs of local people and specifically protect our High Streets. I know how important it is the local economy is able to support a mix of jobs for local people.

Businesses are at the heart of a successful economy. That’s why as part of a future Conservative Majority Government I will continue to back businesses with lower taxes, better infrastructure and keep wages growing at a faster rate than inflation so ordinary people have more money in their pockets.

I know the girls at Smiles and Styles really well, they have recently changed management, they are a dynamic bunch, a great team and it's a really friendly welcoming experience to go there. I've taken my daughters as tiny babies and now when it's all about the right look so I know how much this loyalty and connection to the community matters. As we approach small business Saturday I urge people to think local, shop local and help our local businesses thrive by keeping people in local jobs and it's businesses like this which really matter and are the backbone of our economy."

Pictured is Mims with Manager Laura and Donna of Smiles and Styles in Burgess Hill. The hairdressers Mims has been going to for over 15 years and was introduced to by her Mum. 

Promoted by Claire Fussell on behalf of Mims Davies, both of Mid Sussex Conservative Association, both at 5 Hazelgrove Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 3PH.