‘It’s time to dump the scales!’ - Eastleigh MP & Youth Minister Mims Davies backs key campaign

On Tuesday the Member of Parliament for Eastleigh and Minister for Youth, Mims Davies, attended an event in Parliament to support the Dump The Scales Campaign, which is looking to raise awareness around Eating Disorders and to keep the measuring of BMI out of diagnosis of Eating Disorders.

Also attending the event was the founder of the campaign, author and survivor Hope Virgo. In her book, Stand Tall Little Girl, Hope recounted her experience of living with Anorexia, including a year in Hospital.

Commenting, the Member of Parliament for Eastleigh and Youth Minister, Mims Davies said:

“I was really grateful – having met with constituents and their families to discuss this subject - to have the opportunity to listen to campaigner, founder, author and survivor Hope Virgo yesterday. Her story of living with Anorexia is truly inspiring and I’m really grateful to her for turning her experience into a positive, forward thinking campaign that will help so many people.

“Over a million people in the UK have suffered from Eating Disorders at some point in their life. Men and women of all ages face immense pressure from social media and magazines to have the ‘perfect body’. These expectations are both unrealistic and can be extremely dangerous.

“This campaign is a really great way to not only urge people to be mindful of people with eating disorders, but to also raise awareness of the difficulties surrounding diagnosis and treatment, and I would like to thank all of those involved in it or supporting it.

“If any of my constituents need support, then they can call the Samaritans on 116 123 or email me at mims.davies.mp@parliament.uk .”

Also commenting, campaigner Hope Virgo said:

“There is a disconnect between the NHS England guidelines, that say BMI should not be relied on to diagnose eating disorders, and the experience of people in surgeries across the country. I’m glad that Mims is taking action in Parliament.”

Meanwhile, British Paralympic Gold Medallist, Rachel Morris MBE, said: said:

“It is vital we start changing the way we see people specifically young people who have so many new pressures put on given and turn that against themselves. Being part of Dump The Scales is something I am very passionate about, partly as someone who has struggled with both anorexia and bulimia and now as I am working with more mental health in young people and adults I am seeing 'below the tip of the ice berg' as people open up to me. It is so important to support people early on in the illness and that not being done through a number.”