Local MP Mims joins with Eastleigh constituent Bethany to call for an end to the crisis in Yemen

The Member of Parliament for Eastleigh, Mims Davies, has joined with Eastleigh resident and Save the Children campaigner, Bethany Hendrikse, in calling for an end to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

The two Eastleigh women met at an event in Parliament together with dozens of supporters of Save the Children to discuss the day to day issues that men, women and children are facing in Yemen, and why it is so important that a UN peace resolution is reached as soon as possible.

Afterwards, Eastleigh MP Mims Davies said:

“I was really pleased to meet again with Bethany in Parliament. She is a brilliant campaigner on this key issue, and absolutely has my support. As a Mum I couldn’t help but think about my own daughters while watching the horror too many people, including young people, are experiencing in Yemen.

“I thank Save the Children for all of the work they are doing with this campaign. As Eastleigh’s MP I will be raising this with the Foreign Secretary, and asking what more the UK, alongside our allies, can do to bring an end the conflict.”

Eastleigh resident and Save the Children campaigner, Bethany Hendrikse added:

“The Yemeni Children’s plea for food, education, security & safety must be heard. They cannot be made to wait any longer in what is described as the worst humanitarian crisis. We are their global voice & we urge the UK Government to use their position of power to continue to work with the UN for a peace resolution & ensure humanitarian access for Yemeni citizens”

“I really appreciate that as my local MP, Mims took the time to come down to discuss this really important issue with me, to listen, and to show her support both for me and for this key campaign by Save the Children.”