Mims Raises #drawaline Campaign in PMQ’s

The Member of Parliament for Eastleigh, Mims Davies, raised the #drawaline campaign with the Prime Minister during PMQ’s.

Commenting Mims said:

#drawaline focuses on ending violence against women, and has been expertly organised by The National Committee of UN Women UK.”

“One in four women in the UK, and 70% of girls worldwide, will experience physical or sexual violence during their lives and this is simply unacceptable.”

“I was therefore delighted to host the #drawaline campaign in Parliament earlier in the month, to help raise awareness about the campaign with my colleagues. The Prime Minister was visiting our troops in Iraq on that day, and so unable to attend. I was therefore pleased to be able to raise the success of this campaign with her during PMQ’s today.”

In her question, the Eastleigh MP, who is also Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Women in Parliament and a former member of the Women and Equalities Select Committee, raised how the #drawaline campaign has helped 6,000 women and girls worldwide to have a better life.

The Member of Parliament then went on to ask the Prime Minister to confirm that the Government will continue to lead the world on tackling trafficking and exploitation.

Responding, the Prime Minister said:

“I am happy to confirm that for my hon. Friend, who once again raises a very important issue.”

“It is, of course, this Government who introduced the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and we continue to work not only to increase our ability to deal with the perpetrators of these crimes, but to provide support to victims.”

“I want a world in which women and girls have the confidence to be able to be what they want to be, and to know that they will not be subject to exploitation, violence, trafficking or slavery. Of course, slavery applies to men as well. Our commitment as a Government to ending violence against and the exploitation of women and girls is absolute.”

Commenting further, Mims said:

“I am delighted to have gained this reassurance from someone that both as Home Secretary and now as Prime Minister continues to be a strong advocate for women and girls, both here in the UK, as well as around the World, and as such is an inspiration.”