Mims Supports Local Families During Organ Donation Week

Eastleigh MP Mims Davies is proudly supporting Organ Donation Week, having had the campaign brought to her attention by Eastleigh constituents affected by the issue.

During the campaign week, NHS Blood and Transplant, hospitals, charities and supporters of organ donation are encouraging people across the UK to talk about organ donation with their relatives and friends.

In particular Mims was delighted to join the campaign at an event in Parliament, where she met her constituent Andrew Dibsdall and was able to learn about his personal experiences with dialysis and transplantation while living in Eastleigh.

Mims said,

“A really impressive 43,855 people in Eastleigh are on the NHS Organ Donor Register but hundreds of lifesaving transplants are being missed around the country every year because families don’t know what their relative wanted.”

“If you want to be a donor, your family’s agreement is still needed for donation to go ahead, even if you are on the NHS Organ Donor Register.”

“Today I was proud to join the conversation, both with my constituent Andrew, and with the inspirational Kay Mason - the first person in Britain to donate a kidney to a stranger - and I encourage all Eastleigh constituents to take part for themselves.”

“I am grateful to Andrew for travelling to Westminster from Eastleigh as part of this important campaign and I salute his commitment to highlighting all the issues surrounding organ donation and being prepared to share his own story.”

Anthony Clarkson, Assistant Director of Organ Donation and Transplantation at NHS Blood and Transplant, said:

“We are really grateful for Mims’ support because hundreds of lives are being lost every year.”

“This Organ Donation Week, tell your family you want to save lives. A few words now can make an extraordinary difference. If you are unsure about donation, please ask yourselves as a family; what would you do if one of you needed a transplant? Would you accept a life-saving organ? If you’d take an organ, shouldn’t you be prepared to donate?”

Mims will continue to support this vital campaign, promoting awareness both in Eastleigh and in Westminster.