STATEMENT: SWR Announces New Strike Action

Mims Davies, MP for Eastleigh, has reacted to the announcement that South Western Railway will be affected by further RMT strike action for 3 days from the 21st June.   

Mims said:

“Again this action will hit my constituents who commute to work, schools and colleges by train.  This puts added pressure on both road networks and those businesses who are affected by these strikes as employees struggle to get to work.   I am particularly concerned about the impact on students commuting to schools and colleges at this busy exam period which continues until the end of June.”

She continued:

“I urge both sides of this disagreement to come to the table with meaningful solutions to resolve this matter.  Following my recent local summit with constituents and South Western Railway, they are fully aware of the impact of this type of action on users of their service. ”