Success stories shared as Mims visits Southampton Science Park

This week the Member of Parliament for Eastleigh, Mims Davies, visited the University of Southampton Science Park for a meeting with the park’s Chief Executive Peter Birkett and SETsquared Centre Director David Bream.

The impressive science park, located just off of the M27 in Chilworth, has been growing for over a quarter of a century and currently boasts 17 buildings covering 45 acres of landscaped grounds. Through the Catalyst Incubation Programme, the park facilitates the growth and evolution of young businesses, and is now home to 100 businesses at varying stages of development.

Commenting, Eastleigh MP, Mims Davies said:

“I was fascinated to hear about the many success stories that started out at this science park and the business who have benefited from the excellent facilities, flexible approach and IT infrastructure as well as being within a community full of networking opportunities…and great coffee!

“These companies have gone on to produce incredible innovations in technology which will in time - and in some cases already are – improving our daily lives, from genetic detection of virus’ such as Swine Flu and Ebola, to sensing rogue nuclear materials and creating futuristic knee and hip replacements.

“These businesses also play a key role by providing training and work experience to students at the University of Southampton, and it was great to hear that one of the key reasons that businesses choose to base themselves at the park is to access good quality graduates in our area!”

“My thanks to Peter and David for showing me around and for taking the time to discuss the successes and challenges that the entrepreneurial community faces with me. I am confident that policymakers, businesses and innovation champions like Southampton Science Park will find inventive ways to overcome these challenges in the not too distant future.  I look forward to supporting this excellent local initiative to expand in the coming years.”

Commenting further, the Science Park’s Chief Executive Peter Birkett said:

“It was a pleasure to introduce Ms Davies to the Science Park. I often find that new visitors are surprised and excited by the enormous amount of innovation that goes on here and the impact of the resulting technologies on societies across the world. Ms Davies was clearly impressed and we’re delighted that she will help put the important work of our community of businesses on the UK innovation map.  We look forward to welcoming her again in the near future.”