About Mims Davies

I am really proud to represent our brilliant local area.

I am a mum of two, and I have recently helped to care for my elderly parents through their ill health. 

I served as a Councillor for almost 6 years and know what it takes to make a difference in the Community. 

I have worked in a variety of fields in retail, hospitality, but mainly media, events and communications. Most notably for the AA, BBC and the Police.  

I most recently worked in Road Safety alongside the Police and their Partners, where I helped reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads. That was a job I truly enjoyed, making a difference in the community and this outcome really matters to me.

As your MP from May 2015, I have been absolutely focused on delivering for the Eastleigh Constituency, both in making sure our green spaces are not concreted over and in delivering important reforms at Westminster. 

I was pleased to achieve a lot in my time as a Councillor. I am in politics as I care about people, community and doing what is right, and know this understanding and commitment is really important in modern politics. I do pride myself on speaking my mind and standing up for all those who need assistance. 

I am continuing my record of hard work, community action and reaching out to those who feel disconnected from politics.

I studied Politics at University and was the first person in my family to go, suffer the debts and succeed as a result of the opportunity!

I strongly believe in the benefits of sport and fitness aiding all in their well-being and making sure our youngsters are fit and healthy.

We must support our older generations and value all those in our Community.


As your Prospective Parliamentary Candidate my priorities remain:

1) To get real action on the road systems, traffic flows, motorway noise, pedestrian safety and pollution concerns across the area.

2) To continue to campaign for cheaper parking in Eastleigh in order to help, support and champion a thriving town centre.

3) To make sure the local plan comes forward and to fight at Westminster for appropriate infrastructure, whilst also battling to retain green spaces and a good quality of life.


I am truly committed to making Eastleigh even better and I will work tirelessly to support our fantastic and varied Community.


60 Seconds with Mims:

Favourite music: I'm an 80's pop girl. I adore Spandau Ballet, Madonna & INXS!

Favourite film: 'Working Girl' with Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith. Cute and inspiring!

Favourite outfit: Currently it is the black jumpsuit I wore when I asked the first question at PMQs for the very first time - but every one knows I really do love shoes!

Favourite car: My first one with a white door to match my green Fiat UNO!

Best holiday: Florida with the kids. I will always remember being stuck in a thunderstorm at Wet & Wild Water Theme Park.

Biggest achievement:  I'm very proud of my daughters and have managed a marathon...plenty more to do though.

Happiest times:  With my girls and we really enjoy spending time walking our dog; a fluffy friend who is named after my late Dad! 

Ideal tipple:  A glass of something bubbly, half a cider, or a glass of port with cheese!

Ideal food:  Vegetable curry (love steak but only like veggie curry) with half a cider.