National Campaigns and Statements

This page provides a direct link to Campaign replies and statements.  Sorted alphabetically by title.


Update: Animal Welfare (Kept Animals Bill) October 23

Accessible Travel May 23

Afghan Resettlement May 23

Alcohol Harms May 23

Active Travel Budgets May 23

Animal Welfare- Horse Racing June 23

Animal Welfare-Snares July 2023

Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property Rights June 23

Animal testing for Cosmetics November 23

Animal Free Science November 23


Bus Fares May 23

Breast Cancer Now May 23

Bovine TB June 23

Boys need Bins July 23

Business, Human Rights and Environment Act July 23

Breed Specific Legislation October 23

Brachycephalic Animals October 23


Conversion therapy July 2023

Childcare as infrastructure May 23

Caged Farm Animals May 23

UPDATE: Carer's Leave Bill May 23

Climate Finance Commitments August 23

Action on Climate & Nature December 23

Cut Coal from Energy Bill October 23


Dementia 10 Year Plan May 23

Dementia Action Week May 23

DWP and Minimum Income May 23

Deep-sea mining September 23

Dartmoor's SSSI & National Parks June 23

Update: Dogs with Cropped Ears October 23


End the Wait - Mental Health in Children & Young People May 23

Early Years Ratios May 23

Update: E-Cigarette Littering and Disposal November 23

Ecology Bill May 23

Equal Power Now May 23

Energy Trading Scheme May 23

Energy Bill Debate July 23

Update: Exit ECT October 23

Update: Proposed ban on e-collars August 23


Fraudulent Reviews of Businesses May 23

Tighter Fireworks Regulations November 23

Free sign language classes for families with deaf children June 23

Fashion is Fixable June 23

Faux Fur and Animal Testing September 23

Fines for Late Tax Returns August 23

Fairness for Carers October 23


 Global Immunisation Rates in Children November 23

G7 Action to Prevent Global Famine July 23

Green New Deal October 23


Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill November 23

Help make Planning Pedal–Powered May 23

Update: Healthy School Meals September 23

Heat Pumps May 23

Hedgerows June 23

High Street Rental Auctions (Pubs) July 23


Industrial Fishing Frenzy May 23

Illegal Migration Bill July 23


Junk Food Advertising May 23


Kinship Carers October 23

Keep Canals Alive August 23


Lords Reform Debate Update August 23

LGBT IVF Equality May 23

Light Pollution May 23

LHA - Local Housing Allowance May 23

Local Electricity Bill May 23

Literary Landscapes October 23

Loss and Damage Fund October 23


Rethink Mental Illness May 23

MIND - Raise the standard July 23

National Mental Health Emergency Helpline September 23

Mandatory Food Labelling October 23

Modular Therapies for Cystic Fibrosis December 23


Nurses Pay and Conditions May 23

National Development Management Policies May 23

Nature Friendly Farming June 23


Update: Onshore Wind September 23

Ovarian Cancer May 23

Overseas Matters Bill & EDM 1415 July 23


Proportional Property Tax May 23

Update: Patient Data October 23

PIP and MS May 23

Plastic Pollution June 23

Procurement Bill: Amendment 44 June 23

Procurement Bill Timeline Amendment July 23

Plant Based Treaty September 23

People’s Plan for Nature August 23

Private Jets August 23

Protect People from Energy Price Rises August 23

Protect our Rivers October 23

Pet Theft Proposals November 23

Puppy Smuggling November 23


Update: Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill May 23

Right to Roam & Access to Nature May 23

Retained EU Law Bill: My thoughts on Amendment 48 May 23

Renters (Reform) Bill October 23

REUL Bill- For Environmental Protections July 23

Rooftop Solar October 23


Update: Free School Meals November 23

Update: Sensory Food Play May 23

Sudan May 23

Seafarers' Wages Act May 23

Sarcoma May 23

Strengthen the Hunting Act Update August 23

UPDATE: Sewage Pollution May 23

UPDATE: Scooters and People with Visual Impairments May 23

Solar Power October 23

Support Pubs and Breweries June 23

Section 40 November 23


Target Ovarian Cancer campaign March 2023

Teachers' Pay May 23

Trade with India May 23

Trees and Woodlands July 23


Ultra-processed Foods May 23

UNSC Resolution 2417- Hunger as a weapon of war July 23

UK CBDC Proposals August 23

Universal Health Coverage August 23


Vaping saves lives October 23


Worker Protection Bill May 23

WHO Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulations July 23