National Campaigns and Statements

This page provides a direct link to Campaign replies and statements.  Sorted alphabetically by title.


Alcohol Harms May 2024

Animal Welfare (Kept Animals Bill) April 2024

Animal Free Science - Ethical Research & Innovation April 2024

Anaesthesia and Physician Associates January 24

Autism and Education February 24

Adult Social Care February 24

Access to Defibrillators March 24

Antisemitism March 2024

Animal Welfare - Racehorses March 2024

Automatic Voter Registration April 2024


Business, Human Rights and Environment Act November 23

Buying British November 23

Betting Affordability Checks February 24

Breast Cancer Now - No Time to Waste March 24

Biomass Energy March 24

Brachycephalic Animals April 2024

Free British Sign Language Classes for Families with Deaf Children April 2024


Conflict and Hunger April 2024

Caged Farm Animals March 2024

Action on Climate & Nature December 23

Catch Up With Cancer - Radiotherapy February 24

Community Energy February 24

Cancer Care - Waiting Times February 24

Child Trust Funds March 2024

Civil Service Pay April 2024


Dementia - NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) April 2024

Dementia - Research, Treatments and Diagnosis January 24

Dogs with Cropped Ears March 2024

Data Protection Bill December 23

Support with Debt February 24

Digital Exclusion February 24

Deep Fakes March 24


E-Cigarette Littering and Disposal February 24

Exit the ECT February 24

Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill January 24

The Electoral Commission February 24

Excess Deaths April 2024


Fairness For Farmers January 24

Tighter Fireworks Regulations November 23

Fairness for Carers November 2023

Free School Meals Access for Disabled Pupils January 24

Fuel Duty March 24

Free School Meals March 2024

Faith Based Admissions Cap April 2024

The Fur Trade April 2024

Fossil Fuel Funding and Lobbying April 2024


Global Immunisation Rates in Children November 23

Green New Deal March 24

Global Ocean Treaty February 24

Group B Strep (GBS) March 24

A Global Plastic Treaty April 2024


Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill March 2024

The Hunting Act March 2024

Tackling Homelessness January 24

Health and Equality Acts (Amendment) Bill March 24

Help our Hedgerows March 24


International Tax Cooperation November 23

International Health Regulations - Amendments April 2024

Israel and Gaza update March 24


Kinship Care Strategy March 2024

King's Guards Ceremonial Caps April 2024


Literary Landscapes April 2024

Live Exports February 2024

Local Housing Allowance Increase Jan 24


Mandatory Food Labelling March 2024

Modular Therapies for Cystic Fibrosis December 23

Make It 20% January 24

Marie Curie's Great Daffodil Appeal March 24

Access to Migraine Treatment March 2024

Minimum Income Thresholds April 2024


Nurses - Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Act January 24

The NHS and Privatisation April 2024

National Parks April 2024


Offshore Petroleum Licensing February 24

Support for Older People February 24


Pet Abduction Bill March 2024

Plan to cut Puppy Smuggling March 24

Protect Our Oceans November 23

Pancreatic Cancer April 2024

Support for Pensioners December 23

Payment on Accounts February 24

Political Reform February 24

PFAS and Chemicals Strategy March 24

Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS) March 24

Pandemic Treaty April 2024

Plastic Pollution April 2024


The Renters (Reform) Bill April 2024

Rooftop Solar January 24

River Management March 2024


A Smokefree Future April 2024

Section 40 November 23

School Funding March 2024

Storm Overflows November 23

Searches in Police Custody February 23

Support Shopworkers April 2024

Same Sex Care in the NHS April 2024

Short-term Holiday Lets March 2024


Testing Licenses for Cosmetics January 24

The Turing Scheme April 2024


UK CBDC Proposals January 24

United for Warm Homes April 2024


Vaping saves lives March 24

Voter ID January 24


Wildlife Crime March 24

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene in Developing Countries April 2024

Water Pollution: Agriculture March 2024


 XL Bully Dogs and Ban January 2024


Youth Homelessness February 24