My priorities for Mid Sussex


  • Secure more funding for Mid Sussex's schools and support the new sixth form college.
  • Back our local NHS and improve access to GP and dentist appointments.
  • Campaign for improvements to local infrastructure to relieve road and rail congestion.
  • Support local businesses, ensuring Mid Sussex has more high quality local jobs.
  • Cut crime by ensuring Sussex Police receives its share of the 20,000 new police officers.
  • Protect and enhance the environment and tackle climate change.

Backing jobs and local businesses. As Employment Minister I understand the importance of delivering and supporting a robust local economy with good employment opportunities.

Battling for our fair share of infrastructure improvements. I will support our local councils fighting over-development and improving on local affordable housing provision.

Better support for our community – investing in our schools, sixth form college, NHS, social care, our environment and backing our local police.

About Mims:

Chancellor Sajid Javid says:

Mims is a powerful and persuasive campaigner who you want in your team. She’s a caring and special politician who has a way with people. Above all, she is roundly respected because she gets things done.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said when promoting Mims to Employment Minister:

You are the compassionate face of our great party and have a great track record of caring about and delivering on opportunities and equality.