Conservative Priorities for Government

On 12th a vote for me as your Member of Parliament is a vote to help Prime Minister Boris Johnson deliver Brexit and move the country forward, bringing people back together and delivering on people's priorities.

To make a success of Brexit and deliver the change people voted for we need to make the right choices on our economy.

We know businesses are at the heart of a successful economy. That’s why we will continue to back businesses with lower taxes, better infrastructure and strike new post-Brexit free trade deals around the world to make people better off here at home.

And we’ll help people with the cost of living by making sure people keep more of the money they earn through keeping their taxes low.

By doing this we’ll keep our economy strong, create more higher paying jobs, fund spending on our shared priorities like our NHS, schools and police and get Britain back on the road to a brighter future.

We’re supporting our NHS to give people the care they need now and making sure it’s there for our children and grandchildren.

The Conservatives have been running our NHS for 44 of its 71 years, and fundamentally believe it’s there for everyone in the country to rely on free at the point of use.

By keeping our economy strong, we’ve been able to support our NHS since 2010. But because of the Brexit deadlock it recently hasn’t had the attention it deserves.

That’s why we need to get Brexit done and get on with bringing the change people voted for. Including giving the NHS its biggest cash boost in history, and making sure this funding gets to your local hospital and GPs.


£33.9 billion more for the NHS

We’re making sure the NHS has the resources it needs so that it can provide everyone with the best possible care.

The NHS budget will go up by £33.9 billion by 2023-24. That’s the biggest cash boost in its history.

And we’re making sure that money is already getting to the frontline with £6.2 billion more this year.

Upgrading 20 hospitals and building 40 new ones

On top of more money for the NHS ever year, we’re investing in hospitals so that our brilliant doctors and nurses have the facilities they need to give patients the best possible care.

We’re providing £850 million for 20 hospital upgrades, £2.7 billion for the first six new hospitals, and seed funding so that work on 34 more can make progress.

And 78 hospital trusts will receive state-of-the-art MRI, CT and mammography screening machines, so cancer can be selected more quickly to boost survival rates.

Making sure the NHS has the staff it needs

Under the Conservatives, there are over 17,000 more doctors and over 16,000 more nurses on our wards.

Over 1 million NHS staff – nurses, midwives and cleaners - are getting a well-deserved pay rise of at least 6.5% per cent and doctors will also see their pay increase.

We’re also opening five new medical schools to make sure we can plan for the future with confidence as we train the next generation of NHS staff here at home.


Every child should have the chance to succeed in life.

And that starts with access to a good school place, no matter their background or where they live.

We want every parent to be confident that their children are getting the best start in life, one that will allow them to fulfil their potential and put them on a path to a brighter future.


Increasing education funding

We’re increasing school funding by £14 billion, with those areas historically underfunded receiving the greatest increase.

Each secondary school pupil will receive a minimum of £5,000 next year, and each primary school pupil will receive £4,000 by 2021-22 meaning that every child has the resources they need for a good education.

There is also a funding boost of £400 million in education for 16-19-year olds, including further education and sixth form colleges, to give our young people the skills they need for well-paid jobs in the modern economy.

Improved discipline and standards in the classroom

Thanks to the Conservative Party’s reforms England has risen in international league tables that measure literacy.

But we want to make sure standards keep rising. That’s why every school – including schools rated as outstanding – will receive regular checks, so that parents can be confident their child’s school continues to deliver the best education.

We will also invest £10 million in national Behaviour Hubs to enable schools which already have an excellent behaviour culture to work closely with other schools to drive improvement to make sure the best education is available regardless of where you live.

Supporting teachers

We know that teaching is a high-value and prestigious profession. That’s why we’re raising teacher’ salaries and benefits.

In the biggest reform to teacher pay in a generation, salaries for new teachers will be increased to £30,000 by 2022-23 and we’re funding increased contributions into the Teacher’s Pension Scheme so that school leaders can focus as much of their resources as possible on the front line.

By doing this we can attract the best teachers into the profession and make sure that our children have access to the best teaching all around the country.


20,000 more police with the powers and backing they need to keep our streets safe

The increase in serious violence is deeply worrying and sadly some people no longer feel as safe as they should.

It is the Prime Minister’s priority to make our streets safer – and we’ve already begun work to do just that – so that the law abiding majority can live their lives free of the fear of crime.

And by getting Brexit done we’ll once again be able to focus on priorities like this.


More police on our streets

We’re putting 20,000 more police on our streets.

A national recruitment campaign has already begun, overseen by a new National Policing Board and backed by £750 million next year.

This means that we can start making people feel safer straight away.

Giving the police the powers they need

As well as recruiting new police officers we are making sure they have the backing they need to protect us.

Things like extending stop and search - where we’ve empowered more than 8,000 police officers with enhanced powers as part of our efforts to crack down on violent crime.

We’re also giving police forces £10 million in additional funding to significantly increase the number of officers carrying a Taser.

Protecting the public

10,000 new prison places will mean that we can hold the additional offenders who will be caught, charged and sentenced.

£2.5 billion will be spent on creating modern, efficient prisons to better reform criminals and keep the public safe, whilst an extra £100 million will aid the crackdown on crime within prisons.

And to make sure that the public are properly protected from dangerous criminals we’re ending the automatic release of the most serious violent and sexual offenders at the halfway point of their sentence as well as conducting an urgent review of sentencing.

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