Update – Guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens in the UK

The rights of EU citizens living in the UK – as well as the rights of UK citizens living in the EU – is a matter that I have taken and continue to take incredibly seriously as Eastleigh’s Member of Parliament, raising questions in Parliament, meeting with constituents both in Parliament as well a

Brexit Update - 5th August 2019

On Tuesday 23rd July, Boris Johnson was announced as the new Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister. He has set out his priorities for the Government:

1. Getting Brexit done by 31 October, with a great new deal for Britain.

Brexit Update

On the 15th January, the Withdrawal Agreement was put before the House of Commons. This Agreement would:

Tonight's vote on the EU Withdrawal Agreement

In recent weeks again, I have had dozens of conversations with local people, received thousands of letters and emails from constituents, and visited and heard from many of our brilliant local businesses.

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