‘Biggest Change to Blue Badge Scheme for 50 years welcome news for constituents with hidden disabilities’, says Eastleigh MP Mims Davies

A key extension to the Blue Badge Scheme by the Government – representing the biggest change to the scheme in more than 50 years - meaning that people with hidden disabilities, including Parkinson’s or a brain injury, can apply for a Blue Badge for the first time from today has been warmly welcomed by the Member of Parliament for Eastleigh, Mims Davies.

The government’s ambitious Inclusive Transport Strategy, changes to the Blue Badge scheme and the Access for All programme will continue the UK’s internationally-leading plans for fully-accessible transport.

Commenting, Eastleigh MP Mims Davies said:

“Having cared for my parents at the end of their lives, I absolutely recognise how important the Blue Badge Scheme is to the most vulnerable in our society - including many people with hidden but no-less challenging disabilities, such as dementia, Parkinson’s and arthritis – providing them with better access to work and other amenities, while also helping combat loneliness by helping them stay connected to family and friends.

“This change to the scheme by the Government, which comes into effect today, will be a huge relief to many right across my Eastleigh constituency. I also welcome the introduction of a new online eligibility check to make it simpler for people applying for the badges, however, should any constituents need assistance with the process, me and my team will gladly help!”