Mims supports sustainable policy-making at launch of a new Conservative Environment Network publication

Mims Davies, MP for Eastleigh, was delighted to join the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Rt. Hon. Sajid Javid MP, along with representatives from groups such as the Woodland Trust, WWF, and Greenpeace, at the launch of the new Conservative Environment Network publication – “Thinking differently about our environment: a holistic approach to policy” – on Tuesday evening in Westminster.

This follows a number of recent environment-centred policy announcements from the Government, including the recent ban on microbeads, and the news that new diesel and petrol vehicles will be banned from 2040 in a bid to tackle air pollution.

Mims said,

‘I was thrilled to join the Conservative Environment Network to have a better look at the potential untapped benefits of our environment in policy, as we recognise that the environment should not be perceived as a discrete, or even isolated, issue. I’m proud to be part of our policy making and documents such as these will help shape Government policy into the future. ’

‘This is particularly relevant to the Eastleigh constituency, where the approach to housing needs desperate attention by way of a Local Plan, and ambitious air-quality measures need be taken to improve our overall quality of life.’

‘I frequently speak out in the Chamber on air pollution, sustainability, and protecting our green-belt; most recently asking Ministers what work is being done around our coastlines, and particularly around the Solent and Itchen, to ensure that they are safe for water sports and our local wildlife.’

‘Sustainability and our environment should be at the heart of everything we do; policy-making in the “now” needs to look to the untold long-term benefits that can be achieved in the future.’

‘It was also great to see the Woodland Trust there, who I have met locally while working together on better protections for Ancient Woodland - some trees in our area are as old churches and cathedral, and that should be respected in our local planning.’

Mims continues to push for sustainable approaches in local and central Government, both by speaking out in Westminster on behalf of her Eastleigh constituents, and as the Vice-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Ancient Woodland. Her oral questions to Ministers in the House of Commons Chamber can be found on Hansard, along with answers to her submitted written questions.