Air Pollution & Congestion

Mims is campaigning in Eastleigh to stop the pollution and traffic congestion in the area and to bring forward the much needed Chickenhall relief road.

Mims Davies says,

"Air pollution in the Eastleigh constituency has been a serious long-term concern, with the traffic situation on roads in and around the constituency being the most significant contributor to the problem. We desperately need more infrastructure funding to get in place vital alleviation programs such as the Chickenhall Link Road and the Botley Bypass. We therefore need to make sure that the developments that are being proposed keep in line with the more urgent and pressing infrastructure needs." 

That is why I have been working hard not only to lobby the central government for the infrastructure investment we urgently need, but also to improve Eastleigh Borough Council planning. On 7th January I raised a question in the Chamber asking for a debate on the effect of air pollution on health, particularly focusing on the terrible consequences of standing traffic that so adversely affect our community. On Wednesday 13th January I also had a meeting with the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), again with the aim of bringing these issues to the fore.

I am determined to make a change in these crucial areas, and will continue to push both the Government and Eastleigh Borough Council until we see improved infrastructure, less traffic, and a significantly lower level of air pollution in the constituency."


Cllr Judith Grajewski says,

“The daily noise of traffic and consequent pollution it brings to our air is now alarming and we must have this stopped now. The people of Eastleigh want real change to happen now."


Mims visits 'Green Heroes' at Berrywood Primary School

Eastleigh’s local MP, Mims Davies, popped in to Berrywood Primary School in Hedge End to thank students for their hand written letters to her asking about the Government’s commitment to the environment.

Mims Hails £10 Million Botley Bypass Funding

Eastleigh MP, Mims Davies, has hailed the Government’s decision to provide £10 million for the construction of the Botley Bypass as part of its wider investment in the South East’s infrastructure.